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All about Flan

A flan is an upscale, classy custard, yes. But it is more; it is an elegant, rich dessert that can be adapted to almost any occasion. No, they are not simple to make. They are not like instant pudding or jello, but you would not want them to be. The time, effort and precision in the preparation is part of what makes flan unique, a treat to be savored whenever the opportunity should arise.

This website will teach you all about flan. From its origins to recipes, you will find this your one stop, best information source for flan. To navigate this site, you can click on the topic of your choice on the navbar at the top of each page, or you can select a topic from the table of contents below. If you wish to view every page of this site in the manner it was intended to be read, you can click on the "next page" link at the end of each article or recipe.

The history of flan takes us back to ancient times, and has always inspired variation and invention. We especially see divergence between Spanish and English style flans.

Flan molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Molds are used for Spanish flans while English flans can be made in standard pie dishes.

Our collection of flan recipes has been tested and tasted by experts, but feel free to use these as a starting point to create your own special flans:
- Basic Spanish Flan
- Coffee Flan
- Cheese Flan
- Asparagus Flan
- English Spinach Flan
- English Custard Flan
- Chocolate Flan

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