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Flan Recipes

There are many kinds of flan, savory, sweet, Spanish and English, and each one of these classifications claims many recipes. Each recipe has something to recommend it, that makes it a unique taste. Some have stories behind them. We have made the effort to test many of these recipes in our own kitchens. The results have been universally praised. No matter how much you like flan, when you are making one after another, it is expedient to give one or two away.

Ancient Rome saw the earliest flans. The Tyropatinam still holds up today.

Basic Spanish Flan is the starting point upon which some very elaborate flans can be based.

A nice variation of the Spanish Flan is Coffee Flan or what might be termed flan de cafe!

Cheese Flan has some of the eclat of cheese cake, yet a refined texture makes it a step up (if possible).

Asparagus Flan is a fine example of a savory flan. Great for service at dinner parties.

English Spinach Flan points up the very real differences between the Spanish and English styles of cooking.

English Custard Flan has some of the elements of Spanish style flan, but adds a unique crust.

For the ultimate cultural experience try Chocolate Flan using real Mexican chocolate.

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